Dying Defiantly

What Cancer Has Taken From Me…

Bile Duct Cancer and other terminal diseases take so much from us.  In July of 2021, I was 265 pounds and in what I thought was great shape. Thirty days later I had lost 38 pounds and not by choice.  The disease and the treatments surrounding our journey all take a toll, both physically and […]

Dream Chopper 2023 Contest

Hi, I’m Marshall Morris, disabled military veteran, terminally ill cancer gladiator, and the founder of Dying Defiantly. We are a federally-recognized non-profit charity that assists people who are dying from terminal illnesses, and I need your help. We are currently in a contest to win a “dream chopper” designed by Orange County Choppers’ very own […]

Updates and Video Messages

Good Afternoon Everyone I hope this day finds you well and living your best life! I have found over the last year that keeping up with the written blog can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, between doctor appointments, chemo and immunotherapy infusions, talking to other patients, and just living life. I found it much easier […]

February and March

After the Oncologist’s spoke to me in January, that if the cancer continued to progress at the speed it had in December, I would be looking at 6 months at best guess as to a final timeline. This changed everything for me. I was slated in early February for radiation therapy on the areas that […]

December and January…

Good morning, first of all let me apologize for no having posted earlier but December and January were truly a test of my strength and faith. In the beginning of December, I had my 53rd and most likely my last birthday. A bittersweet celebration of my life that I was graced to share with a […]


I hope this Thanksgiving found you well with many blessings for the holiday season! No matter what your situation or your current status may be, continue to let those things that your thankful for shine through! Life is truly a gift, live each day as if it were your last, love as if you can […]

Update of the last few weeks…

Good Morning, let me first begin by apologizing for not posting sooner about my status and what’s been going on with me. My chemotherapy continued and during this time I saw a heavy reduction in my white blood cell count and the effectiveness of my immune system. Because of this, I found myself battling a […]

Week 1 of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy, the next step in my treatment began on Wednesday. The day at the VA Hospital in Indianapolis was long. Arrived at 730 am, oral examination at 8am. Cleared for chemotherapy and moved upstairs to the Oncology Center for blood work. Waited until 1030 am to meet with oncologist, went over the who plan of […]

And it begins…

So as I said I wanted to keep you up to date on my progress. Wednesday, I met with the Oncology team from Indiana University and VA Hospitals in Indianapolis to discuss the path of treatment. They told me that a liver transplant, which they believed was a viable option was off the table (no […]


Hello, and welcome to my blog. Who am I is a question that many people ask themselves throughout life. We all go through seasons; journeys of self discovery, defining moments, different types of education, religion, as well as pain and sorrow…all trying to determine who we are. I’m Marshall Morris, and I’m just like you! […]