Dying Defiantly

Good Morning, let me first begin by apologizing for not posting sooner about my status and what’s been going on with me. My chemotherapy continued and during this time I saw a heavy reduction in my white blood cell count and the effectiveness of my immune system. Because of this, I found myself battling a heavy infection that caused me to dehydrate and ultimately put me in the hospital for over a week.

My time in the hospital was spent being filled with antibiotics and fluids trying to rehydrate my body as it battled the infection that they were trying to pinpoint. With a 103.5 degree temperature, they were extremely concerned. As I laid there day after day, slowly recovering from the infection that they never pinpointed. I made a decision to stop the chemotherapy until my mouth had healed from the 11 tooth extraction they had done just 4 weeks before.

Speaking with the oncologist, we decided that the open wounds in my mouth were the main culprit to the infection that had just put me in the hospital for a week and that it would be best if we pushed off chemotherapy until the mouth was healed.

I have been researching and watching many support groups and the results and effects of the chemotherapy on many others with my form of cancer and I must say I don’t see a lot of positive results, many to contrary. I am researching a few other forms of therapy, because I don’t know if I will continue with the chemotherapy, as I truly believe it effects the quality of life far too much.

I am in great spirits and trust in my team, but I know what I want and won’t sacrifice the quality of my life for a few extra months of time! Stay tuned and I will keep you posted over the next few weeks as to the next steps!!!

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